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(go to a crowded place like a very busy game or club. shoot the crowded scene with people moving. have two of your friends on either side of you who disappear or move away as soon as you start talking make sure that they go unnoticed...u could have the camera zoom in on a specific area or on you)

-(say) profiles or homepages which are too colorful and contain too much writting and images makes the profile too crowded and busy. it makes it hard for the vistor viewing your page to undertand the message your trying to get across or to find a specific area or piece of information. the vistor's eyes would be able to focus on one area , they would keep wandering all over the page.

(during the last sentence move the camera wildly all over the crowded area)

crowded profiles also make i hard to find what your looking for so if you want people to enjoy and understand your page its not the best idea to have a profile which is overcrowded..isnt that right (look to your side)
Sam , John...where are you guys?!? (looking bewildered and searching around)

thats all iv got but try and make it last long making it around a minute long ..dont talk fast and you could shoot the scenes for a bit longer. you could improvise more if you have any ideas...try and add as much drama as possible.
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videos about the importance of wireless network in different parts of the world and how people use it in their everyday lives. It doesn't have to be long :)

I would like to have a video, of about 5-10 seconds with just a laptop opening in front of a beach of some kind. One should not see much more than the laptop and the hands opening it. After opening the hands could turn it on or type something on it. That's it.

I would like to have some pictures of the best shopping malls and fast food restaurants that has been spread around the world like Mcdonalds, Hardeez and Jhonny Rockets. I would like you to stand infront of the shopping mall or the fast food restaurant and say: finally, this place opened over here now i dont have to travel so far for it. Thank You.

I need two videos each with a different person. One video is of Person 1 IMing to Person 2. The other video is of Person 2 IMing to Person 1. Make a video of each person instant messaging on the computer talking about a photo-shoot (picture included) using this conversation:

Person 1: I see you have a design targeted at girls of a young age group
Person 2: That is correct
Person 1: What inspired you to choose this style for girls?
Person 2: Well, I wanted to show the freedom of choice for girls of that age, the choice to wear both a dress and jeans, without them having to look unfashionable.
Person 1: And what's with the cap?
Person 2: I liked the cap because it added a little personality touch, and i wanted to offer some protection from the sun's harmful Ultra violet rays.
Person 1: Good thinking.
Person 2: When I saw this, I liked it, because it's practical, I thought -- practical and casual.
Person 1: How?
Person 2: Well, practical because it can be worn as working clothes, and it's not frilly enough to get in the way of most jobs.
Person 1: I see.
Person 2: And it's casual because girls can wear this out and still look good, rain or shine.
Person 2: (sends picture to Person 1) Well, what do you think about the picture Hilliary just sent me for the Ad?
Person 1: I think that it is good, but she needs to get Rachel to move to the right some.
Person 2: Ok, I will tell her and then send you the pictures when she gets done.
Person 1: Ok.

*keep in mind that Person 1 is the magazine manager and Person 2 is the graphic designer for the Ad. Also, don't forget to be creative!

Make sure that it looks like your receiving the IM from the other person by getting someone to send them to you using a different computer.

Picture to use: rachelpace_028.jpg


(Setting: Library or Filing Room)
(Someone trying to locate a peice of work between hundreds of books/files .. looking at different shelves trying to locate it.)

(Setting: Computer Lab)
(Someone uses the search option on the compute to locate a piece of work)

REMEMBER: My topic is the changing shape of information .. Be Creative!
Also make sure to use appropriate facial expressions .. actions & reactions!

Pictures of students &/or teachers looking happy while using computers/laptops/Software.

Constantin E.
S. May
Someone to take a video while sitting in a place where wires are not used and act like you're chatting with me online.