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This page is where you can share pictures, videos and other multimedia in order to introduce your school and your students.

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts


Mary Institute St Louis Country Day School

Mary Institute Country Day School is a JK-12 Independent School in St. Louis MO. It is the result of merging a boys' school, St Louis Country Day school, and a girls' school, Mary Institute. There are 550 students in the Upper School and 1250 students in all grades.

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Presbyterian Ladies College, Melbourne, Australia

PLC is an independent, girls' school where students are encouraged to enjoy outstanding educational opportunities to enrich their learning. PLC is located in Melbourne, Victoria, which is the southern most state of Australia.
To paraphrase the actress Ava Gardner - Melbourne is a great place to make a movie about the end of the earth

Qatar Academy, Doha, Qatar

Qatar is located in the Arabian Gulf between Bahrain and the united Arab Emirates. More information including pictures can be found on the Qatar Academy delicious account.

Shanghai American School

Vienna International School
We are the VIS and are new to this Project. Our School is located in Vienna, Austria and is a great place to meet people from other, new parts of the world. You learn about other religions and teach others about yours. Its great.

Westwood Schools, Camilla, Georgia

We are located in South Georgia USA and NO, we are not in Atlanta. In fact we are closer to the beaches of Florida than we are to Atlanta. We live in a rural farming community with about 5,000 in Camilla and 18,000 in our county. Check out our website to see photos of our school.

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