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What should I be doing?

November 11

1) Finish Multimedia Artifact!

We are now in the last week for video production!
  • If you do not have an outsourced piece of video post a quick SOS on the Outsourcing Needs wiki page and see if anyone from around the world responds.
  • Check the Video Requirements wiki one more time and make sure you DOUBLE CHECK
    • Copyright and Citations: Everyone is to use Creative Commons
    • Submission to the Project: How to embed the video on the wiki page

2) Upload Multimedia Artefact to wiki: Deadline Monday November 19

Monday November 19 is the deadline for embedding the finished video onto the wiki. Don't forget to add this information on the wiki page as well:
Insert video Above
Title - Insert the title here.
Summary - Up to a 50 word summary of your video. (This should make someone want to watch the video.)
URL - Insert the direct hyperlink to this video (copy the url from the address bar), unless you're using photobucket
Producer - Your first name, last initial
Location - School and Country
Outsourced Video Segment producer - Insert the first name, last initial, school and country of the student who provided you with the video. This should be credited in full MLA format at the bottom of the wiki, but in brief under the video.

3) Don't Panic!

In the last week of a Flat Classroom Project miracles can and do happen. Above all remember DO NOT PANIC! If your video crashes, if your bandwidth dies, if your plans are interrupted by other technical problems....keep calm! Work systematically towards the deadline on Monday November 19th. Communicate with your teachers and your team members. Ask for help if you need it!

Past Notices

Previously listed information from this page -- at this point, these items should already be done.

October 6:

Groups announced!
  • Start to make contact with the other members of your group via the Ning.
  • Work out time zones and best forms of communication: is there a chance for synchronous contact as well? MSN? Google Chat? Meebo? Others?
  • Check out the Topics page and download the Concepts and Topics Handout
  • Also, check out the help pages for Design and Innovation, Story and Empathy, The Fun Factor
  • You should be recording introductions and uploading them to your page on the Ning.

October 22:

1) Post your Ning ID on the groups page.

2) Let your teacher know when you're having trouble connecting.

Sometimes it takes your teacher helping you!! All of the teachers meet continually, so talk to them!

3) Start working on your Wiki

  • Look at your assigned wiki (start at the groups page).
  • Add your name (first name, last initial and school) to the 2007 editors list.
  • Evaluate the wiki:
    • Is it accurate?
    • Is it current?
    • Is it easy to read?
    • What needs to be added?
    • What creative ideas do you have to improve it?
  • Post your evaluation on the discussion tab of the wiki
  • Begin work -- each day when you work on the wiki -- when you're done, post a comment on the discussion tab letting the others know what you did today. This makes it easier to "pass the work around the world!
  • Decide the primary language that you will edit in. You need 1-2 Senior Editors -- they are in charge of making sure that the grammar and spelling is correct. They should be specified on the bottom as well as the type of English: American English, Australian English, etc. (eg. analyze and analyse, color and colour, artifact and artefact -- all correct English depending on your location in the world.)

4) Thinking about Videos

Video Specifications are now posted and the three categories of video instructions are updated. (Design and Innovation , Story and Empathy, The Fun Factor (Play) Outsourced videos due October 29 - Nov 1st.

October 29

1) Continue editing wiki

(see instructions from Oct 22 below)

2) Videos

A) Discuss

Talk about the video with your teacher, friends, parents, anyone. LIsten to ideas.

B) Ask your partner for a photograph or video clip

Give your partner as much information as possible. Video Specifications are now posted and the three categories of video instructions are updated. (Design and Innovation , Story and Empathy, The Fun Factor (Play) Outsourced videos due October 29 - Nov 1st.

C) Do your video clip and send it to your partner.

You will be following the instructions here:

Due: October 29- Nov 1st

Sent via to the teacher of the student. Label it clearly with the student name, school, group number group letter and who it is from in the subject!!

i.e. VickiD WHS, Group 11C; from JulieL QA; from JohnT PLC; from SimonM SAS; from BarrieB, LACHSA; from BarbaraS, VIS; from ElizabethE, MISCDS.

Ask your teacher when you're ready and they will give you the e-mail address of the teacher you need to send it to. Also send a copy to your teacher's e-mail address.

D) Finish your storyboard/ script/ drawing

Show this to your teacher. Talk to them. You should complete it this week.