Flat Classroom Project Idea Gallery

This is a showcase page for some of the best multimedia artefacts created from the Flat Classroom Project 2006 and the Horizon Project 2007. So that some of our friends in China and other countries that block online videos, some of these videos have been uploaded to the wiki and are viewable by clicking video screen. The wiki embeds uploaded videos automatically.

Virtual Communication (the overall winning wiki page for 2006)
Cannelle and Casey's introduction (MPEG-4 Movie):

Virtual Communication and Education by Cannelle
file uploaded to wiki:

and embedded from YouTube

Wireless Connectivity and Industry by Collin

Mobile Phones, 'A Thing in my Pocket in 2020' by Atif

Also, check out the links from the Horizon Project Awards page

'Politics and Government in a Virtual World' by Albert

Massively Multiplayer Educational Games by Derek