Westwood Schools and International School Dhaka

Students are to create a short audio introduction to themselves and either embed it on this page or create a hyperlink to an external player. In the introduction consider sharing this information:
  • Who you are, how to pronounce your name, a common or nickname you prefer to use
  • A brief overview of your position in your family and at school (grade, classes etc)
  • Your interest and thoughts about the project so far
See the screencast tutorial on how to use Evoca for recording or uploading audio and for joining the Flat Classroom Group for sharing audio messages.

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Mrs Julie Lindsay: My introduction
Mrs Vicki Davis: My Introduction

Group 1

Topic: 'Connecting the World Online'
Naimul S
Tyler F

Group 2

Topic: 'How the World Wide Web has Changed the World'
Salvi Md: My introduction
Trey H:

Group 3

Topic: 'How Work Flow Software can Enhance Productivity and Communication'
Adnan A You can find Adnan's message on his Evoca page. He will embed it here soon.
Drew T
Ty B.

Group 4

Topic: 'The Changing Shape of Information' (Because of absences this topic is being combined with Group 8)

Group 5

Topic: 'Why we should be promoting Web 2.0 Tools for Sharing Information'
Shakila S
Matt Paul T: My Intoduction

Group 6

Topic: 'Globalization and Outsourcing'
Salma S
Katie B

Group 7

Topic: 'Google Takes Over the World'
Omar C: My introduction
Andrew G

Group 8

Topic: 'Personal Learning Environments and Social Networking' / The Changing Shape of Information
Sanjida R
Sabbab H: My introduction
Kristy S
Jordan N my introduction

Group 9

Topic: 'Mobile and Ubiquitous'
Salmaan B: My introduction
Andrew S: My introduction

Group 10

Virtual Communication'
Cannelle C: My introduction
Casey C: My introduction

Group 11

'Wireless Connectivity'
Atif S: My introduction
Collin E