Flat Classroom Project 2007 Student Awards

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Judge's Awards

Group 1 - Connecting the World Online

Judged by: Fairbrother, Brookes
Winner 1.a.1
Title: A Ring for Jimmy
Student Name: Amalia B. - LACHSA, USA
Feedback from Judges:
"Very innovative idea! Good use of black and white. Good cuts to Georgia shows good collaboration. Music fantastic!"
Runner Up 1.b.5
Title: How Businessmen/women Use Internet Today
Student Name: Jayeta R. - SAS, China
Honorable Mention 1.c.8
Title: Living in an Online World
Student Name: Catherine F. - PLC, Australia

Group 2 - How the WWW has changed the world

Judged by: Draper, Fisch, Preis
Winner 2.c.12
Title: Impact on Life
Student Name: Carmyn S. - LACHSA, USA
Feedback from Judges:
"Well done moving the action from one location to another. Great use of titles"
Runner Ups (Three way tie)
2.a.9 Title: How the WWW Has Changed the World
Student Name: Jamie C. - Westwood, USA
2.b.11 Title: How Has the WWW Changed the World?
Student Names: Olena B. & Mustafa C. - VIS, Austria
2.c.13 Title: How Education Has Been Helped by the WWW
Student Name: Adrian W. - SAS, China

Group 3 - How workflow software has enhanced productivity and communication

Judged by: McLeay
Winner 3.b.17
Title: Workflow Software and Students
Student Name: Fatma M. - QA, Qatar
Runner Up 3.a.16
Title: The Benefits of Workflow Software
Student Name: EE - SAS, China
Honorable Mention 3.c.82
Title: Sidewalk International
Student Name: Jessica D. - LACHSA, USA

Group 4 - The changing shape of information

Judged by: Hokanson, Cofino
Winner 4.a.20
Title: Semantic Assistant
Student Name: Sarah H. - Westwood, USA
Feedback from Judges:
"Very creative use of green screen."
Runner Up 4.a.22
Title: Photact Lenses
Student Name: Mike L. - LACHSA, USA
Honorable Mention 4.c.26
Title: Uploading the Beginning of Blogs
Student Name: Mitch B - Westwood, USA

Group 5 - Why we should be promoting Web 2.0 tools for sharing information

Judged by: Shepard, Floyd
Winner 5.b.31
Title: What is Web 2.0?
Student Name: Betsy B. - Westwood, USA
Feedback from Judges:
"You found a catchy way to capture your topic. I especially like the way you contrasted the insight of adults and students into Web 2.0 tools. You followed up the interview with a little teaching and string graphics."
Runner Up 5.a.27
Title: iCoach
Student Name: Tayler B. - Westwood, USA
Honorable Mentions
5.b.29 Title: Web 2.0 Tools
Student Name: Mariam T - QA, Qatar
5.c.33 Title: Web 2.0: Entertainment Value?
Student Name: Pascal De K. - SAS, China

Group 6 - Globalization and outsourcing

Judged by: O'Connell, Cofino
Winners (Three way tie)
6.c.42 Title: The World Collapsed?
Student Name: Malia L. - LACHSA, USA
Feedback from Judges:
"Very creative and artistic approach...I love the editing and narration"
6.a.35 Title: Teens and Outsourcing
Student Name: BrayAnna - Westwood, USA
Feedback from Judges:
"This is a really nicely produced artifact - well done everyone! You provided some good text pages to structure the video and worked very naturally to the camera..."
6.b.39 Title: Who is Affected by Outsourcing?
Student Name: Patty - SAS, China
Feedback from Judges:
"This is a great video with a lot of clearly identified content both in text and images. it would have been good to have some sound overlay on the text at the beginning. I like the way education workplaces and restaurants have been included in creating the message about outsourcing."
Runner Up 6.a.37
Title: Puppetcast 1: A Look at Medical Outsourcing
Student Name: Peggy N - MICDS, USA

Group 7 - Google takes over the world

Judged by: Brookes, Utecht
Winner 7.c.48
Title: Google and the World
Student Name: Michael R - MICDS, USA
Feedback from Judges:
"The puppets did it for me! Well done for adding some really innovative material"
"Fantastic, original, fun to watch, informative and to the point. Uses the most up-to-date happenings from Google"
Runner Up 7.b.46
Title: Breaking News: Google Takes Over the World
Student Name: Yara D - QA, Qatar
Honorable Mention 7.b.45
Title: A Day that Sage Found Google
Student Name: Analisa W - LACHSA, USA

Group 8 - Personal learning environments and social networking

Judged by: Vrotny, O'Connell
Winner 8.b.52
Title: Blog Heroes
Student Name: Zak S - LACHSA, USA
Feedback from Judges:
"Very well designed and packaged video. The choice of music video scenes and transitions are all very empathic with the message."
Runner Up 8.a.49
Title: Social Networks and Personal Learning Environments
Student Name: Chris W - MICDS, USA
Honorable Mention 8.a.50
Title: Social Networks...Profile Design
Student Name: Sara T - QA, Qatar

Group 9 - Mobile and Ubiquitous

Judged by: van 't Hooft, Utecht
Winner 9.c.62
Title: Fun and Convenient World
Student Name: Megan S - LACHSA, USA
Feedback from Judges:
"Very nicely done....You cover the topic in depth and use a nice juxtaposition of old and new technologies to make your point."
"Great video, good information. I enjoyed the same transitions between shots..."
Runner Up 9.c.61
Title: Mobile and Ubiquitous
Student Name: Andy G and Chris F - MICDS, USA
Honorable Mention 9.b.58
Title: Mobile and Ubiquitous - Bright Future?!
Student Name: Anne S - QA, Qatar

Group 10 - Virtual Communication

Judged by: Baber, Strecker
Winner 10.a.64
Title: Virtual Communication: Design & Innovation
Student Name: Perola L. - QA, Qatar
Feedback from Judges:
"This was very professional and used a nice variety of technology to create a more engaging experience.You created the most 'content rich' video in all of topic 10"
Runner Up Tie
10.a.65 Title: The Shutterbug Sidekick
Student Name: Hilliary J. - Westwood, USA
10.c.71 Title: Virtual Communication in Mainstream Gaming
Student Name: Paula N. - SAS, China

Group 11 - Wireless Connectivity

Judged by: Durff, Penstone
Winner 11.b.77
Title: No Wireless=No Internet=No Life
Student Name: Amir N. - QA, Qatar
Feedback from Judges:
"This is a good visual experimentation here. It is easy to follow the narrative and the use of outsourcing and credits helps a lot. Be careful of voice distortion."
Runner Up 11.a.73
Title: Welcome Wireless
Student Name: Stephanie S. - LACHSA, USA
Honorable Mentions
Title: Wireless Connectivity
Student Name: Victoria G - SAS, China
Title: Can You See Me Now?
Student Name: Sumner - Westwood, USA

Student Awards

Winner 10.a.65
Title: Shutterbug Sidekick
Student Name: Hilary J - Westwood, USA
Second Place 1.a.1
Title: A Ring For Jimmy
Student Name: Amalia B. - LACHSA, USA
Third Place 1.a.2
Title: Treckster and the Lamp
Student Name: Gillian F. - Westwood, USA
Honorable Mentions
10.b.83 Title: The Dangers of Virtual Communication
Student Name: Jesus - LACHSA, USA
3.b.17 Title: Workflow Software and Students
Student Name: Fatma M. - QA, Qatar

Teacher's Awards

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

Barrie Becker, Teacher
On Line Learning Award: Mike L
Concept Awards:
Design and Innovation: Amalia B.
Story and Empathy: Zakaria S.
The Fun Factor: Jessica D.

Qatar Academy

Julie Lindsay, Teacher
Online Learning Award - Yara D.
Concept Awards:
Design and Innovation - Sara M 4.a.21 'The Series of Unfortunate Events'
Story and Empathy - Fatma M (Toomie) 3.b.17 'Workflow Software and Students'
The Fun Factor:
Sara D 6.c.40 'Globalisation and Outsourcing: the Fun Factor'
Ray F 9.c.63 'Mobile and Ubiquitous'

Mary Institute Country Day School

Elizabeth Helfant/John Pais, Teachers
Online Learning Awards - Anthony Chivetta
Concept Awards:
Design and Innovation - Chris Waterbury
Story and Empathy - Doug Chod
The Fun Factor - Michael Rodriquez

Westwood Schools

Vicki Davis, Teacher
Online Learning Award - Sarah H
Concept Awards:
Design & Innovation - tie Hilliary J and Gillian F
Story & Empathy - Betsy B.
The Fun Factor - Sumner W. and Coley W.

Presbyterian Ladies College

John Turner, Teacher
On Line Learning Award - Catherine F
Concept Awards:
Design and Innovation: LakshmiT
Story and Empathy: Natasha R
The Fun Factor: Annabelle W.