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Producer - Cynthia C

Video Number: 3.a.15
Title - Making Work Flow in Business
Summary - Work flow software is an important part of business and company production. This video explains what work flow software is and how work flow software contributes to a successful, efficient company. The video is shot in the form of a job interview.
Location - Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, USA
Outsourced Video Segment producer - EE, Shanghai American School, China

Producer - EE

Video Number: 3.a.16
Title - The Benefits of Workflow Software
Summary - Why is work flow software so desirable? Why does it keep it's place as one of the most useful softwares ever written? In this video, Paris (the bunny) and Salaam, (the lion) will explain to everyone exactly why businesses, or really anyone else, would want to use work flow software.
Location - Shanghai American School
Outsourced Video Segment producer - Cynthia C, Los Angeles County High School for the Art, USA

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Story and Empathy Instructions

Producer - Fatma M (Toomie)

Video Number: 3.b.17
Title - Workflow Software and Students.
Summary - Software Software Software.... what will students EVER do without it? With this video we can see EXACTLY what we have taken for granted. Unlucky forgetful students like Ray are saved by workflow software around schools. Registration is much faster, more organized... Research is easier when trying to locate books on a topic... Portfolios can be accessed by students and teachers at the drop of a hat, homework assignments can be sent in through the software. If you don't believe me, watch this video. Inspired by a blog by Jeff Utecht. Link at the bottom under resources.
Location - Qatar Academy. Doha, Qatar.
Outsourced Video Segment producer - Gracie S, Westwood Schools, Georgia.

Producer - Gracie S - WW

Video Number: 3.b.18
Title - A Tale of a Wiki
Summary - Gracie, a student from Westwood has been failing in her computer class. She has been assigned a project to bring up her grade. Her assignment is to create a wiki on Workflow. She has partners to help her but the only problem is they are from other countries. This video shows how Gracie not only finds out the meaning of Workflow but also uses Workflow while completing her project.
Location - Westwood Schools,USA
Outsourced Video Segment producer -Fatma M (Toomie), Doha, Qatar-Qatar Academy

C - The Fun Factor (Play)

The Fun Factor (Play) Instructions

Producer - Jessica D

Video Number: 3.c.82
Title: Sidewalk International
Summary: This video explains how the world depends on work flow to conduct business - in a playful way.
Workflow can be great fun.
Location: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts
Outsourced Video: Analisa, LACHSA

Producer - Joseph D

Video Number: 3.c.19
Title - This and That with Joseph
Summary - I discuss Work Flow Software with a celebrity, a professor, and a nuclear physicist.
Location - Westwood Schools, USA

Producer - Tony S

Video Number: 3.c.80
Title - Still Working 24/7
Summary - This video shows how the world is able to work 24/7 anywhere even when a part of a world is asleep.
Location - Qatar Academy, Qatar.


Work Flow- the movement of documents and/or tasks through a work process


"You should not put all of your eggs in one basket." This means that businesses should not rely on one supplier to run the whole company. If an industry has someone in the U. S. working from Eight to Five, when he or she clocks out a person from another country can pick up where they left off and work their own day-shift thanks to time zones.

Businesses do this so that if a major tsunami or earthquake occurred in Asia or the U. S., the company would not completely shut down because there would be other employees in different countries to carry on the job.

The way to manage this process is by using Work Flow Software. Work Flow Software is any collaborative software that allows someone to pick up where someone else left off on a project from anywhere in the world. Any business that is trying to stay as a tier one company uses this technique. Work Flow Software keeps a business dependable which causes them to have more customers. It helps work flow around the world.

In 1996 Work flow became a more developed system, and a term for the ability of software and platforms to operate together. In the early days work used to be passed from one user to the next for more processing. However, that made it take longer for the work to be fully processed.

Those days have passed and new life has begun. Now, the system Work flow is more efficient. The work is automatically processed. This helps education and industry collaborate and produce more efficient work.

We are talking about the new generation of communication. Soon, our ability to work will be even more enhanced. Computers support collaboration, for example: voice mail, chat, email, etc. Now we are able to do cooperative work and collaborate with global societies. This system supports people's work, activities, and working relationships.


As the technology has increased, more and more people are now involved in activities. Therefore the researchers have called this a Computer Supported Cooperative World- "All contexts in which technology is used to mediate human activities such as communication, coordination, cooperation, competition, entertainment, games, art, and music" (from CSCW 2004).”

Great Payoffs from Workflow Software


Workflow is a term used to describe the tasks, procedural steps, organizations or people involved, required input and output information, and tools needed for each step in a business process. A workflow approach to analyzing and managing a business process can be combined with an object-oriented programming approach, which tends to focus on documents and data. In general, workflow management focuses on processes rather than documents. A number of companies make workflow automation products that allow a company to create a workflow model and components such as online forms and then to use this product as a way to manage and enforce the consistent handling of work. For example, an insurance company could use a workflow automation application to ensure that a claim was handled consistently from initial call to final settlement. The workflow application would ensure that each person handling the claim used the correct online form and successfully completed their step before allowing the process to proceed to the next person and procedural step.

Current News


Work flow software influences Industry by giving a company multiple sources of employees. A company with work flow software does not have to rely on one set of employees from one country. Instead, a company can use employees all over the world because of the time zones. In Dhaka, Bangladesh it would be 12:43AM, when in Camilla, Georgia it is 12:44PM. Also, if a major tragedy happened in the United States, the companies with work flow software could rely on their employees in other time zones to make sure the company keeps producing.

Workflow Software in Industry
Total Workflow - Estimating Software

Although this is an advertisement for an estimating sofware it shows how software can also link in with estimnating homes and making life easier using technology and the internet in another part of life. This is a real life example of how workflow software can help people becoe more proffessional and efficient in their jobs.


Adnan's Video, International School Dhaka

Please take the time to view this video, it gives insight to information about Work Flow Software used in education. There are two people that are interviewed. One is Atif Sattar, a student from International School Dhaka, who talks about the uses of Macs & Windows in school. The other is Mrs. Vicki, a teacher from Westwood Schools, who talks about what software to use in order for work to be done more efficiently and allow for collaboration.

Studywiz.gifAn example of workflow software in school is Studywiz. Studywiz was developed and is provided by
Etech Group, a software development company. In 1999, when primary schools in Hong Kong wanted a quick and easy way to create and distribute material to students. This is how Studywiz was created. It is now used by more than half a million people in 14 countries. Studywiz is a secure online learning platform thats was designed to work the way a school works.

At Qatar Academy, a workflow software program called Chancery is used to help keep track of student information (such as absences, tardies, birthdays etc.).

Chancery is an award winning, scalable Student Information System providing districts with sophisticated services, customized features, and redesigned business processes.
This program helps our administration become organized because: teachers can easily send their class registrations to the office, where the secretaries can easily manage, manipulate and organize the information.
Teach & Learn Cycle
Teach & Learn Cycle
It also helps us to follow a teach and learn cycle.
This is just one of many examples of how workflow software helps in educational purposes.

The following is an excerpt from a blog by Jeff Utceht (

Tech Plan Part 2 – School Wide Systems

October 22, 2007 – 3:23 pm
Technology whether we like it or not reaches into everything we do in schools today. The Student Information Systems that run our schools hold more critical data than any other single program in most schools. As we design our school wide systems in the 21st Century we must think about how all this information is connected, how and who needs access to what information and how do we make it available to them in as few clicks as possible.
The Circle:
external image 1686360988_1c1c0eb403.jpg
Student Information System (SIS):
There are a number of Student Information or Student Management Systems available to schools. SASI, Admin+, and PowerSchool being just three in what is a long and complicated list.
-Jeff Utecht... link at the bottom under resources

Introduction to student workflow
Many schools are advancing in technology use to enhance learning. Schools are beginning to incorporate portal systems and content management systems as their school websites. Portals provide a way to organize school websites for easy use and determine access based on a school community member’s role. Portals are designed to deliver information to the end user based on the end users role. Content Management systems are designed to deliver educational content or actual curriculum to the end user. Both of these products work to streamline a student’s workflow. .Commercial products such as [ WhippleHill] and [ Blackboard] allow for educational information to be put online. There are also open source products such as [ Moodle] and [ Sakai] that allow for the same operation.

Student workflow is also enhanced by a variety of web 2.0 tools such as [ Google Docs] and [ Zoho] which allow for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations to be shared on the internet. Other work flow tools include social bookmarks such as [ Delicious] and [ Diigo]. Social bookmarks enhance a student’s ability to collaborate and share internet sites with other members. Another internet tool that can help a student manage their work flow is [ Zotero]. Zotero facilitates internet research making it easy to keep track of sources, annotate and highlight sources, and create bibliographic information. [ Hiveminder] allows students to manage projects and school group activities. It allows users to share calendars to determine due dates or meeting dates, provides group “to do” lists and assigns tasks to group members.

Site Descriptions

WhippleHill: “Software capabilities allow for efficient internal management and effective constituent communication.” This content management system allows schools to create school sites that contain all the necessary information a student would need. Assignments and schedules can be organized on a portal for everyone in the school to access.

Blackboard: “Educate. Innovate. Everywhere.” This is another portal source that is effective in organizing work flow for schools.

Moodle: A course management system designed to help educators who want to create quality online courses. The software is used all over the world by universities, schools, companies and independent teachers. Moodle is open source and completely free to use.”

Sakai: Allows for sharing of information to a large audience; strictly educational.

Google Docs: Google Docs works as a regular word document for students, but allows teachers to see the work being done. A teacher can edit the work from another computer as the student’s work is saved on the internet document.

Zoho: “Work. Online.” This site has numerous tools that could be used to enhance education. Components include word processing, planner for organizing school work and presentation software that includes video conference.

Diigo: “Social Annotation.” “The best way to collect, share and interact on
online information from anywhere.” This site allows for the compiling and the collaboration of group research.

Hiveminder: “Collaborative to-do lists that work the way you do.” This site acts as an online planner where a student can organize his or her tasks.

Computer Networking & Systems Administration

This is only relevant for the first few seconds. It helps to show the importance of software in the world and shows the importance of software around the world and why people study software and networking.


Work flow software doesn't only involve technology but also human contact. Technology allows for various means of collaborative work.

external image ipdept.gif

In our school we use TCP/IP network system, which happens to be working in both Macs and Windows. This system is successful because it helps keep work flow going.

Web 2.0 is a type of Work Flow Software that can be used for social networking sites and communication tools. folksonomy is a type of Work Flow Software that assists online collaboration and allows for sharing among users. This application functions in several operating systems, offering features and applications similar to a PC environment. As a result of these distinguishing characteristics, this application has the ability to run with any modern browser.

Windows Compatibility Features Built Into Macintosh


More and more people are buying Macs. Do you want to know the reason? See the picture above, it gives a clue. Now, try to guess!

Apple's new technology called Mac OS X gives the opportunity to install and run the Windows XP OS on your Mac. How cool is that? Mac OS has the Windows compatibility features for working with disks, files, and networks. The main purpose of this is to satisfy people who are willing to work efficiently so more collaboration could be done. This gives the opportunity to share any files from both Mac OS and Windows XP. There are many types of workflow software to go with it. ILife and Visio are two examples.

Mac OS also allows for personal Web Sharing. It enables any computer with a web browser to access Mac files and folders.

In a dual core processor each core handles incoming data strings simultaneously to improve efficiency. Just as two heads are better than one, so are two hands. Now when one is executing a process, the other can be accessing the system bus or executing its own code.

To utilize a dual core processor, the operating system must be able to recognize multi-threading and the software must have simultaneous multi-threading technology (SMT) written into its code. Adobe Photo Shop is an example of SMT-aware software.

A dual core processor is different from a multi-processor system. In the latter there are two separate CPUs with their own resources. In the former, resources are shared and the cores reside on the same chip. A multi-processor system is faster than a system with a dual core processor, while a dual core system is faster than a single-core system, all else being equal.

Want to know more about Mac Windows Network Solutions?

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Apple Introduces iLife ’08
Visio Home Page - Microsoft Office Online


2006 - Adnan, Drew, Ty
2007- Group B : Fatma (AKA Toomie), Gracie, Stephanie