Tags are words that are used to describe bookmarks. Unlike folders we can use tags as much as we want. We can also rename or delete these tags anytime one wishes to. It can be chosen informally and personally. They are used in dynamic, flexible automatically generated internet taxonomies for online resources such as conputer files, web pages, digital images and internet bookmarks such as del.icio.us. Thus it is the latest Web 2.0 buzz.

Example of diffrent websites that use Tags

Here are some examples of tagging being used in diffrent websites:


A social bookmarking site that allows users to bookmark many sites and then tag them with many descriptive words, allowing other people to search by those terms to find pages that other people found useful.


A service that allows users to tag images with many specific nouns, verbs, and adjectives that describe the picture. This is then search-able.


A web-mail site that was one of the first to allow categorization of objects using tags, known as "labels" on emails.

Library thing

A social book cataloguing and community website, tags feature heavily here.


A weblog search engine.

Website - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tags