What is a Sounding Board?

These classrooms will sign up to give feedback to their assigned teams. The number of wikis will depend on the number of students in the class. To sign up to be a sounding board, please put your information on the discussion tab along with your e-mail information.

What will they do?

Our goal is to provide meaningful peer feedback to each team each week of the project from a different peer reviewer. (3 peer reviewers per team)

Why are you using sounding boards?

This is one of the best aspects of our Horizon Project run in May 2007. We have integrated it heavily Flat Classroom.

Peer review is also part of the new NETS standards from ISTE and is something that we are going to have to do correctly, we need to begin to share best practices.

How much time will it take?

Several leading teachers who have experience in collaboration and peer review will have their classrooms participate as peer reviewers either the week of November 12 or November 19th.

Sounding Board Schools

Link to feedback page

High School

Brandt Schneider, head coach for High school

70 web design students at Seymour High School, Seymour, CT

Aorere College, Auckland, New Zealand

Elizabeth O'Hagan, Geography and Social Studies Teacher
29 Year 10 (US 9th grade) Social Studies students

Middle School

Chrissy Hellyer, co-head coach for Middle / Elementary

http://teachingsagittarian .edublogs.org
Year 7 (US 6th grade) - 31 students Taradale Intermediate School, Napier, New Zealand.

Broadfording Christian Academy, Maryland, USA

Study Skills Blog
Study Skills, Grade 7 - 19 learners + mrsdurff

John Paul II Catholic School, Houston, Texas - USA

John Maklary, Instructor
Digital Media, Grade 8 - 15 students

Elementary School

Kim Cofino, co-head coach for Middle / Elementary

21st Century Literacy Specialist, International School Bangkok, Thailand


Last spring, Sharon Peters served as head coach for this project. She is no longer in the classroom but has agreed to advise the teachers and students and serve as a resource.

Sharon Peters, Advisor

Sharon lives in Montréal, Canada. Sharon completed her graduate thesis about online learning for high school students. This year, she has used many wikis with her students. Some of the wiki projects include Glengarrypedia, Jerusalem, and the Global Virtual Classroom Team 06 wiki. She, Vicki Davis, Cheryl Oakes, and Jennifer Wagner host a live webcast show each week for educators that feature guests who are leading innovators and thinkers about web 2.0 tools in education. Her blog can be found at Musings.

Lesson Plans

High School

Assignment Example (from last year HZ Project)
Example #2: Seymour HS

Middle School

Durff's Middle School Lesson
Room18TIS Peer Review Feedback/Lesson Wiki
Kim Cofino's Middle School Assignment Example (from last year's HZ project)
Mr. Mak's Peer Review Lesson

Elementary School

Elementary Sounding Board wiki (started by grade 5 students in Bangkok) We are looking for more students to help us peer review this projects! Please join us!