Flat Classroom Project 2007 Keynote Address

Design Matters

Dean Shareski, October 2007
This keynote address has been made available via Vimeo.com and Google video. Both of these are hyperlinked from and embedded in this page. We encourage all participants in the project to discuss the content of the keynote or ask any questions arising from it with Dean via the discussion tab on this wiki page.
A special thank you to Dean for opening our eyes wider to the considerations of communication and good design!

The Flat Classroom Project 2007 Keynote Address from shareski on Vimeo.
Also available on Vimeo

Also available on Google video


Behind the Scenes: How did he do that?

After looking at your comments, Mr. Shareski revealed how he did the Green Screen!

About Dean Shareski

This presentation was created by Dean Shareski
Moose Jaw, SK, Canada
Blog: http://ideasandthoughts.org/
Bio Dean Shareski is in his 20th year in education. He has taught grades 1-8 and is currently a Digital Learning Consultant for Prairie South School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada. He is passionate about the power of networks and advocates for students to be in charge of much of their learning and be challenged to create new things and connect with new people.
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