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    Award Winning Project in 2006!

    (See In the News and Project overview and In review wikis as well)

    Flat Classroom Project is in Thomas Friedman's 3rd edition of The World is Flat! See pages 501-503!

    Flat Classroom project has won the following awards:
    FIRST PLACE in the Best Wiki 2006 category of the 2006 Edublog Awards.

    Also nominated were APWH Wiki, Classroom Google Earth, David Warlick’s CoLearners Wiki, Schome and Support Blogging. Vicki Davis was also nominated for Best Teacher Blog with her Cool Cat Teacher Blog. Also, one of our esteemed Flat Classroom Project 06 judges, Darren Kuropatwa was nominated for Best Teacher Blog with his A Difference blog.
    FIRST PLACE in the SIGTel Online Learning Awards for 2007. Special Interest Group Telelearning is part of ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). The SIGTel Online Learning Awards recognise international innovation.
    FIRST PLACE in the Taking IT Global collaborative project contest 2007

    International Conference Presentation

    Vicki and Julie received the SIGTel and Taking IT Global award at ISTE's NECC in Atlanta, Georgia in June 2007. They also presented a 2-hour poster session at NECC.
    Pictures from the NECC07 conference.

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    Flat Classroom Project News 2006

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