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A - Design and Innovation

Design and Innovation Instructions

Producer - Jamie C

Video Number: 2.a.9
Title: How the WWW has changed the world
Summary: Web 2.0 has made communication instant
Location: Westwood Schools; Camilla, GA; USA
Outsourced video: Hilliary J. from USA

how the WWW has changed the world by Syzygy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
how the WWW has changed the world by Syzygy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


B - Story and Empathy

Story and Empathy Instructions

Producer - Ethan

Video Number: 2.b.81
Title: The World Wide Web Controversy
Summary: This video presents the story of two dudes, the Internet dude and the Non-Internet dude. It shows the contrast between the two and demonstrates how the www has changed the world.
Location: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts
Outsourced video: Lindsey, Westwood School, Georgia, USA

Producer - .:~LINZ~:.

Video Number: 2.b.10
Title: Students and the Web
Summary: This video is interviews of students and their opinions on the Web. They tell us what they used to do to get school information before the web came out and how much easier it is today.
URL: Linz Video
Location: Westwood Schools; Camilla, GA; USA
Outsources Video: Ethan from: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, USA

Producers - OlenaB, MustafaC

Video Number: 2.b.11
Title: How has the World Wide Web changed the world?
Vienna International School, Austria, Vienna
Summary: This is a movie showing how the WWW changed our world and made it easier. First there are some interviews of students and a teacher, they are talking about how the WWW changed their life, and how is it important to them. Then we made little stories, as examples how do we do things different using WWW than we used to before.

C - The Fun Factor (Play)

The Fun Factor (Play) Instructions

Producer - Carmyn S

(With the help of my sister Frances S.)
Video Number: 2.c.12
Title: Impact on life
Summary: My video demonstrates how the World Wide Web has made an impact on LIFE! It gives examples how it can find resources faster rather than spending time reading a book for a school assignment. It gives a better visual way of communicating and a simpler way of handling business.
Location: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, USA
Outsources Video: Dad: Walter L. Savinovich and Adult Friend: Philip.

Producer - Adrian W

Video Number: 2.c.13
Title- How Education has been helped by the World Wide Web
Summary- A Brief 2 skit showing How the WWW has helped Education, showing the hassles of doing a research paper with and without the internet.
Location- Shanghai American School, China
Outsourced Video Segment Producer-
-Carmyn S., Los Angeles County High School for arts, United States
-Abdulaziz A., Qatar Academy, State of Qatar.

Producer - Abdulaziz A

Video Number: 2.c.14
Title - How Did The WWW Changed The World
Summary - A brief skit showing how the WWW has helped entertainment, showing how people started using the internet to get entertained.
Location - Qatar Academy, Qatar
Outsourced Video Segment producer - Adrian W, Shangahai American School, China

Producer - Ameera A

Title: How the WWW has changed the world
Summary: Shows how communication changed because in the movie i show how a long time ago people used to use typewriters to do many things for example homeworks and now i can do my homework on my phone, bluetooth it to my laptop and then send it to my teacher on Hotmail.
Location: Qatar Academy Doha Qatar
(Design and Innovation)


The concept of the World Wide Web is a system for creating, organizing, and linking documents so they can be easily browsed over the Internet. The World Wide Web was developed by a British computer scientist Tim Berners Lee. Tim Berners Lee is someone who certainly helped flatten the world. Mr. Lee created the World Wide Web and posted the first Web site in 1991 at The telephone and the modem made it possible to establish physical connections between all the world's PCs. The Web is a tool used to connect and collaborate around the world. In 1991 when the World Wide Web debuted, instantly bringing order to what was the chaos of cyberspace. Within 5 years the usage of the internet went from 600,000 to 40 million. On August 9th Netscape went public. This is one reason on how the World Wide Web changed the world, making browsers available to the general public. If you would like to learn more about the World Wide Web check out this very educational site. The World Wide Web of the past, present, and future.

Differences Between World Wide Web and Internet

The Net and the Web are two completely different things, but they are related. The Internet is the massive network of networks. It connects millions of computers together globally forming a network in which any computer and connect to other computers on the network as long they are both connected to the Internet. The information which travels over the Internet does so via a variety of languages known as protocols. The Web is a way of accessing information over the medium of the Internet. It is an information-sharing model that is built on top of the Internet. The Web uses the HTTP protocol, only one of the languages spoken over the Internet, to transmit data. The Web also utilizes browsers, such as Internet Explorer, or Netscape to access web documents known as web pages that are linked to each other through hyperlinks. Web is just one of the ways that information disseminated over the Internet. The internet, not the web can also be used for email which relies on SMTP, Usenet news groups, instant messaging and FTP. So the Web is just a portion of the Internet.


The thing that really popularized the Internet and the Web as of both connectivity and commerce was the creation of easy-to-install and easy-to-use commercial browsers. Afterwards, Berners Lee, other scientists, and academics created a number of browsers to surf the web early. But the first widely popular commercial browser was created by a tiny start-up company in Mountain View, California called Netscape. Netscape brought a great change in the Internet. Not only did it bring the internet to life, but also made it accessible from very young kids to very old people. The more updated the Internet became, the more different things people wanted to do with the web.
So the demand for computers, software, and telecommunications networks, that could easily digitize and transport data, became in high demand. This demand was satisfied by another catalytic event: the rollout of Windows 95. Windows 95 soon became the operating system used by most people worldwide and was equipped with built-in Internet support.


Safari was released with Mac OS X in 2003 by Apple Inc., but as of January 11, 2007 the beta version of Safari has been available with Windows Vista.

moz-screenshot-2.jpgMozilla Firebox is another commercial browser which is being used nowadays. It is more advanced and better than Netscape. On February 9, 2004 Mozilla Firefox was released. The browser is so good that it supports any all sorts of formats like HTML, XML, XHTML, CSS, ECMAScript (JavaScript), DOM, MathML, DTD, XSL, SVG, XPath and PNG images with variable transparency. Mozilla Firefox is a multi-platform browser, providing support for various versions of Microsoft Windows. It also supports Mac OS X, and the Linux-based operating systems using the X Window System.

Before Mozilla was released, another widely used browser was Internet Explorer. It is still being used as the number one browser. The Internet Explorer was released on August 13, 1996. Internet Explorer has been designed to view the podcast range of web pages and to provide certain features within the operating system, including Microsoft Update. Internet Explorer superseded Netscape by supporting many of the progressive features of the time. Some people However, using the internet explorer browser opens the OS to the internet and leaves your computer vulnerable do to ActiveX scripting (Tech News Watch).

The Advent of Wireless


Web Accessibility on Portable Devices

Touch iPods
Mobile Phones

Current News

The CNN-YouTube Presidential Debates

These debates involved ordinary people asking the candidates questions, along with Anderson Cooper, through videos uploaded onto These debates are just one example about how the World Wide Web has enabled communication and has even had an impact on the political system in the United States. The Democratic debate took place on July 23, 2007. The Republican debates are scheduled to take place on November 28, 2007.

external image cnn_youtube_072507-thumb.jpg

Impact on Education

Salvi's Video from International School Dhaka

The impact of the World Wide Web on education is immense. Imagining life nowadays without the web is impossible. In the past, people had to find information through books. They had to waste hours and hours of time sitting in the library and finding information. But nowadays, the information comes straight to our computer or laptop with the help of the World Wide Web. All people have to do now is click a button on their computer and have a wealth of information at their finger tips. The World Wide Web helps people learn new things each day. Every day, different types of interesting news articles can be found on the web which we can read and gain knowledge from it with the help of the web. Without the web, the information would have been in books and papers which we would have had to buy. But not all people can afford buying books regularly which is another problem. So it is clearly seen how the World Wide Web has made information come to us easily.
The World Wide Web has also made an impact on the field of teaching. In the past, students had to run to universities or colleges for lectures and notes. But nowadays, students can sit at home and receive notes and hear lectures from the professors through the help of the web. The distance is not a factor anymore. Student sitting at one end of the world can receive notes or hear lectures from teachers or professors who are at the other end of the world.
There are a lot of features which help the information come to us through the web easily. For example, we can order books on the web instead of going to a shop or ordering on the phone which takes a lot time. We can receive information from any corner of the world through instant messaging, using blogs etc. This feature has really made our life easy and is only possible because of the web.


iTunes U - iTunes University

Impact on Industry

The impact on the World Wide Web has greatly impacted the business world. In addition to business, the World Wide Web has influenced almost every aspect of the modern world. The world is changing fast due largely to the advancement of technology. The Web is even changing the farming industry. The availability of the Web has made it easier to drive a tractor, monitor animals, and monitor the stock of the farm. The usage of the Web has allowed farmers to learn and educate themselves on new advancements or disadvantages in the farming world. The Web has allowed farmers to become more competitive and has allowed them to check the prices at the click of a button. The use of the internet has made the stock market easier to keep up with. One can now click a few buttons and check their stocks on the Web. Because of the web, the stock market has become a more appealing business opportunity. Shopping has even been made easier do too online stores and online shopping. Shopping online is great way for stores to obtain new customers and gain more sales.
The Web has made a great impact on Industry in America by publicizing the company, obtaining new clients, and gathering more employees. The Web has greatly affected the industry and economy of the World. Without the Web think where the world would be. Without the Web, people would have to travel to the stock market to check the prices and their stock, people wouldn't have the luxury of shopping from the comfort of their homes, and businesses wouldn't have the hype and publicity that it usually gets from the Web. Without the World Wide Web, the World as we know it would be a completely different.

Brief History and Growth of Business due to the Internet

The goal of the World Wide Web was to share information space through which people could communicate using machines. The purpose for this space would be to share data from a private system to a public system.

In a short amount of years, the World Wide Web has joined itself as a very powerful position that has changed the way we do business, and the way we communicate. The Internet has given a world wide dimension to the globe. It has become the universal source of information. A huge reason for its growth for business is due to the low investment in the internet. Because creating a web page is very cheap or free, this allows almost any business to reach a very large amount market, rapidly, no matter its size or the location of your business. With a very low investment almost anybody that can read and write can have access to the World Wide Web.

Growth Chart: ""


How did World Wide Web change?

World Wide Web changed, so has the number of people using it. This is the statistics, how the number of Web pages increased since 1998:

1998: 2,851,000
1999: 4,882,000
2000: 7,399,000
2001: 8,745,000
2002: 9,040,000
2007: 20,917,850


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