Judging the Flat Classroom Project


The aim of judging is to come up with awards for multimedia artifacts as listed on the Awards wiki page. This is to be done using the prepared rubrics in combination with a team-determined rating system (in order to identify outright 'winners').

All judging teams are asked to fill in the online surveyand determine their choices by Sunday December 9, 2007 6pm GMT. - The password has been sent to judges via e-mail. Complete one survey per video per judge! Each judge is also asked to nominate a personal favorite for an award (included in the survey.)

Groups and Judging Teams

Group 1 - Fairbrother, Brookes

Connecting the World Online
Judged by Team 1

Group 2 - Draper, Fisch, Preis

How the WWW has changed the world
Judged by Team 2

Group 3 McLeay, Penstone

How workflow software has enhanced productivity and communication
Judged by Team 3

Group 4 Hokanson, Cofino

The changing shape of information
Judged by Team 4

Group 5 Shepard, Floyd

Why we should be promoting Web 2.0 tools for sharing information
Judged by Team 5

Group 6 O'Connell, Cofino

Globalization and outsourcing
Judged by Team 6:

Group 7 Brookes, Utecht

Google takes over the world
Judged by Team 7:

Group 8 Vrotny, O'Connell

Personal learning environments and social networking
Judged by Team 8:

Group 9 van 't Hooft, Utecht

Mobile and Ubiquitous
Judged by Team 9:

Group 10 Baber, Strecker

Virtual Communication
Judged by Team 10:
  • Lee Baber, Computer Technology Educator, Rockingham County School System - blog, Website
  • Amy Strecker, Director of Community Content, MindOH!, Warrenton, North Carolina

Group 11 Durff, Penstone

Wireless Connectivity
Judged by Team 11

The Project in a Nutshell

How would you go about making a video with a team of people you have never met before, you may never meet face to face and using the power of the Internet? The Flat Classroom Project 2007 is happening right now with 7 schools and over 100 students.

This project is built on the work created by the students and schools participating in the Flat Classroom Project 2006. Bascially, students work in groups from different schools and different countries to produce a digital artefact (video) which they embed into their team wikipage. The students have to use loads of different tools and develop amazing skills: file compression, editing, sending files, working in different time zones.....
The Flat Classroom Project is a global collaborative project founded by Vicki Davis (Westwood Schools, USA) and Julie Lindsay (Qatar Academy, Qatar) in 2006.

It uses Web 2.0 tools to facilitate communication, interaction and collaboration between students and teachers from all participating classrooms. The topics studied and discussed are real-world scenarios based on 'The World is Flat' by Thomas Friedman.One of the main goals of the project is to 'flatten' or lower the classroom walls so that instead of each class working in isolation, 2 or more classes are joined virtually to become one large classroom.

Becoming a Judge

  • If you would like to be a judge, please contact the project organisers. (If you are from Bangkok Patana School, please email //Madeleine Brookes// instead).
  • Some of you will have been sent an invitation email - if this is the case, then please mention this in your communication.
  • You will need to set up a wikispace account (if you haven't already got one). You will then be 'invited' to join the space so that you can then edit this page and add your name to one or more of the juding teams below).