Calendar 2007

Here are the due dates in order to complete the Flat Classroom Project 2007.

Table of Contents


Due Dates
By Monday October 1
  • All classes have been announced, teams created and topics clarified
  • Flat Classroom wiki updated with all new relevant information for project
  • Teachers have filled out class details on shared Google Doc (names, emails, school calendar details such as holidays and class times)
  • All students have completed pre-project survey and started to work on Web 2.0 skills needed for project (use of Ning, wiki, multimedia creation)
  • Teachers have communicated project to school community
  • An Elluminate schedule is drafted for online interactions and teacher PD prior to the project commencing
By Monday October 8
  • Teams and topics finalised
  • All students have joined the Flat Classroom Project Ning
  • Ning Groups have been established for each classroom
  • All students and participants have posted an audio message via the Ning
  • Students communicate with partners via the Ning
By Monday October 15
  • Rubrics finalised
  • Judges finalised
  • Other participants (eg peer reviewers) established
By Monday October 22
  • Official launch date of the project
  • Students communicate via the wiki discussion tab to determine direction and scope of topic
By Monday November 5
  • Video clips have been exchanged and final work on video commencing
By Monday November 12
  • All video and Wiki work to be finished
By Friday November 30
  • Awards announced


The Flat Classroom AirSet Calendar.