This wiki is now an archive of the 2007 Flat Classroom project.

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Director, Julie Lindsay (co-founder, Flat Classroom)
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Welcome to Flat Classroom Project 2007

Don't forget to visit the archive of our award winning Flat Classroom Project 2006 and the sister project at Horizon Project
Also, our newest project, Horizon Project 2008, with keynote deliverd by award winning author of 'Wikinomics', Don Tapscott.
Update November 2008: Find ALL projects on our archive wiki

Latest News!

Flat Classroom Project Awards!!

Congratulations to our award winners for 2007 and ALL of the students, teachers, experts, judges, sounding boards, and contributors who participated.

How to review this project

If you want to know more about what has happened here, follow the links to the left. You may also visit our awards page, look at the amazing work of our peer review sounding boards (see feedback), and listen to our student summits held in elluminate when the project was done. If you want to see what the participants said and look at group dynamics, visit the social network for this project on Ning.

What is next?

In March/April 2008, Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis plan to run another Horizon Project, if you are interested, please contact us. Flat Classroom will be run again in October/November 2008.

Students Take the Survey

The Post Project Flat Classroom Survey is available for students. We appreciate your feedback.

Student Summits in Elluminate

You can hear the recordings and see the pictures of the summits on the Summit wiki page. Also available is the teacher evaluation and reflection summit in Elluminate.

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Seven Schools for 2007!

United States: Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (Barrie Becker)

United States: Mary Institute St Louis County Day School, Missouri (Elizabeth Helfant)

Australia: Presbyterian Ladies College, Melbourne (John Turner) PLC wiki work

State of Qatar: Qatar Academy, Doha (Julie Lindsay). Grade 10 MYP Technology. Class wiki

China: Shanghai American School(Simon May)

Austria: Vienna International School (Barbara Stefanics)

United States: Westwood Schools, Camilla, Georgia, USA (Vicki Davis)

We use Camtasia Studio and Jing project to screen capture.